Last night, BEA inhabitants protested once more against the conditions there, for a faster registration and for the distribution of money. Badische Zeitung released a short article. Several persons living within told us that the securities forcefully kept them from leaving the site and bring the protest outside. The securities called the police, that came in a huge number. Quite a few cops in full riot gear spent a long time inside BEA, and also there were several ambulances in site. Towards press, police denied that a demonstration took place and spoke of „internal tensions“.

Political gatherings are especially protected by law what might be consciously bypassed by the police. Besides,we think, that the refugees’ political concerns are undermined and made invisible.

We feel solidarity with the refugees’ demands and their self-organization.

Thus, we want to get in contact with the refugees at BEA today and the upcoming days, to share their stories and demands – and we are happy if many people show upto support the refugees and us!

Today a demonstration took place inside of BEA, refugees were demanding their registration, information on their asylum process and future, and to be issued the money they should receive. Radio Dreyeckland released an article on the demonstration.

Several refugees said that they wanted to do something similar tomorrow, thursday, in the morning.

We want to be there to be supportive of their cause and will be meeting at 9.30 a.m. at the location of the infopoint. If you want to join, please come by!

We will try to keep you updated via facebook and twitter.

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Shameful conditions in Freiburg’s BEA

Press Release of NoLager Freiburg 15.09.2015

On Saturday, 5th of September 2015, in Freiburg a Bedarfsorientierte Erstaufnahmestelle (BEA) for possibly up to 900 Refugees (at the moment: more than 500) was put into operation. From the first day on, NoLager Freiburg is on site – in the beginning via 2 „Welcome tents“ on a wasteland just opposite the BEA (evicted by police after 3 days), then via an information desk on the sidewalk just next to BEA.

Even during this short while, we could document structural nuisances reported to us by the refugees in a number and extend that are most shameful.

The aim of NoLager Freiburg is a clear critique of the camp system in soidarity with the Refugees. We want to combine this with providing information for both BEA residents (about their rights, asylum process etc.) and Freiburg’s population (reduction of possible ressentiments, critical publicity in case of problems arising inside the camp). Although the many deficites of BEA arise the necessity of humanitarian aid, we do not see our responsibility here, but that of Regierungspräsidium and/or the company running the BEA.

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Are there any social workers in the BEA?

Diakonie and Caritas are still offering the jobs on their web pages today, almost a week AFTER the first asylum seekers were brought here. This may mean that the promised 1:100 key is not kept at the moment, and this at the very crucial point of people’s arrival, and need for orientation and information. Also, whom can people talk to if they have personal or medical problems? Who is giving out the clothes and other things Freiburg citizens donated? The security guards?

And haven’t we, by the way, been told by Regierungspräsidium that the DRK would manage the social work in the BEA? Seems to be a bit of a chaos.


Another long day

Although the question of space is open still, many people (Refugees, supporters and people just passing by), gathered and met at the NoLager stand right next to the BEA during the whole day, ending into a well-visited evening of shared food, discussion and film-input. While we may be less present in media at the moment, there are a lot of things developing.

Dozens of small, spontaneous German language sessions were held under the open sky. Individual support in asylum law questions begun and a lot of useful items like hygiena articles or city maps were given out. We think it is ashame that the Regierungspräsidium obviously does not even provide the most basic information about the place where the people suddenly have to find themselves in (such as city maps), and the most basic items of daily need, considering the Refugees do not receive any money whatsoever!!!

We think that it violates human dignity to force people to live in such a place. Administration is obviously not being able to cope with the problems arising from this system on a structural level. We think this character of deficit and lack people are facing in BEA is politically wanted and a vital part of the idea of the Lagers.

We will continue our political gathering next to the BEA as a clear sign of our solidarity with the Refugees and our critique towards the Lager-system in public.

Please feel free to join us, bring tea and coffee in thermos flasks! We’re sorry that we cannot accept donation of clothes, as the place is small and we see this as a responsibility of the Regierungsprädisium, that denies people money to provide for their needs themselves.

Abolish all lagers! Refugees are welcome here!

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